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Klick Dich rein und lass Dich in das Land Deiner verborgenen Träume und Phantasien entführen.

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She fits in well, but everyone's emotions are stirred up with the arrival of a student.

In this sequel to the first It's A Wonderful Family, the characters who are still based on those in Tokyo Family (which itself was based on Tokyo Story), are a couple of years older with ...

These events would change the face of Europe and the course of War War II.

News about the disappearance of panties is covered every day." Kyosuke (Ryohei Suzuki) still wears Aiko Completo (Fumika Shimizu) panties to battle evil. See full summary » A school that teaches young boys and girls how to become famous anchorpeople in the media.

For her birthday, the husband asks the wife what she wants for her birthday present. See full summary » A woman looks back on her family's life in Tokyo before and during WWII.

A maid arrives from the countryside to work for an upper middle class family.

See full summary » A 21-year-old girl is released from prison, only to deal with the neighborhood gossip about her and family conflicts. Director Yoji Yamada follows the plot of the earlier film closely (though he doesn't borrow Ozu's stylistic touches; thus, this is necessarily a more conventional movie). The youngest children, Kyoko and Keizo, do not exist in this version.

She decides to save one million yen, move to where no one knows her and keep repeating the process. Noriko here is not the widowed wife of their fallen son in the war, but the girlfriend of their son Shoji (who is alive here, and works as a theater decorator).

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However, as the extermination of Jewish people by the Nazis commences, Schindler arranges to have his workers protected. During their journey, the men all embark on personal self-discoveries..Postmodern Jukebox take popular songs and then reinvent them in completely different genres, which typically has an interesting result.Their most recent project fell on BABYMETAL and “Gimme Chocolate“, which …See full summary » Ginko seems to be living the good life: She's the respectable owner of a neighborhood drug store in Tokyo, and her daughter Koharu is about to get married to a doctor. See full summary » Set in post-World War II Japan, midwife Nobuko is resolved to move on as she stands at the grave of her son Koji who died, alongside thousands of others, when the Americans dropped an ... The families ask the parents to take a rest in Tokyo, but the parents do not like staying in Tokyo. There, Tomiko is introduced to Shuji's fiancé Noriko, but Tomiko collapses at Koichi's house.See full summary » Majime, an eccentric man in publishing company, who has unique ability of words, joins the team that will compile a new dictionary, 'The Great Passage.' In the eclectic team, he becomes ... A remake of Yasujiro Ozu's Tokyo Story (1953), which is widely regarded as one of the finest films ever made.While soldiers face the actual atrocities of war, those who aren’t on the front lines also fight against injustices and the fall out that comes with war.