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Dream Daddy: a dad dating simulator was released earlier this month and fans were shocked to find that one of the endings has a very dark twist.In the simulator game, which lets you date hot dads as a hot dad, your primary goal is to meet and romance other hot dads in a small neighbourhood.They are currently looking for new blood to help draw up some ponies and fulfill the need of cartoon equine based dating for the more obsessed among us.If you are interested, go blabber over on their comments here.While the twisted plot has been deemed hilarious and weird by some, many others fear that the character does nothing but paint queer men as predators.Alayna Cole, a scholar of queer video games, told Broadly that this ending was likely meant to be accessed as a Halloween special.

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Equestria After Dark is a fan site dedicated to postings of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic porn, otherwise known as "Clop".

Since it’s release on July 13, the game has been celebrated for being one of the few games that are solely focussed on positive LGBT content, rather than having LGBT storylines as a smaller plot.

The game has a number of different possible endings, depending on how you craft yourself as a dad and which dads’ you date.

However, a number of users were shocked to find that when played in a certain way, one of the endings has a very dark twist.

One of the daddy’s, Joseph, is unmasked as a cult leader who is intent on killing the wives of some dads’.