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The male victims, who think they're talking to a real beauty, may in fact be talking to a male as young as 13 years old.
But it’s also true that irresponsible, even unlawful, use of cellphone communication has cost people their dignity, their reputation, their livlihood, and even their lives.

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“However, these women may not have known of their male partners’ sexual activity.” Black women continue to be most impacted by this, with HIV rates over 12 times higher than the rate among white womenin the city.“Stigma, fear, discrimination, homophobia, and negative perceptions about HIV testing can also place too many African Americans at higher risk.

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We went to Hawaii for a few days with our girls and we loved it and we talked about going back there, but I’m from Georgia so a vacation for me has to include a beach, but it could be just Florida somewhere, just the Gulf Coast of Florida.’ For us, because we had such a strong friendship, we had been down that.