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As a woman, you'll gain insight on how to blend in with dress and behavior and make appropriate travel or business plans to fit in with cultural norms.

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I've asked my friends and they all give me the same, generic response "just ask her dude! "I'm hoping for a female perspective to put me on the right track...So here is the background: In high school I messed up my back pretty bad while working out. My first session was on her first day there so we talked about that, where we both went to college, and what plans we had in the future.

So I guess my questions are: Is a relationship between a physical therapy patient and an intern taboo? I'm not necessarily really close to him, how could I get close to him without seeming like a stalker or asking too many questions?

Your plan to get closer to him and suss out his interest would be totally reasonable were he part of your peer group... You don't have the luxury of a slow burn strategy when your only contact occurs at his place of employment; even if he'd like to date you, he still has to keep his professional conduct professional.

Which means that even if he's keen on you—and he may well be—your only real option here to lay out your interest, directly and at the appropriate time, and see if he picks up what you're putting down.

She even testified that he told her she could no longer be his patient "on paper" and there would be no more records of her visits.

But the woman, 40, says the therapy continued along with the affair until she broke it all off in early 2006, when she realized she was still just "the other woman." Still, the parting was amicable, the woman testified.